Moot Courts are simulated Court competitions which involve arguing on points of law by student advocates before a bench of judges usually comprising of members of the faculty and practicing advocates. Saveetha school of law since its inception has been dedicated to imparting an inclusive, relevant and socially responsible training and education of law. In law school the closest experience that a student can get to appearing in a court is mooting. Rightly said thus “mooting is an art of argument”- understanding this, the Saveetha School of Law moot court society since its establishment has long striven to develop the tradition of mooting among students by way of conducting intra moot court and National moot court competitions and also included moot court as a part of the curriculum.

Saveetha school of Law Moot Court society aims to encourage students to take part in moot court competitions. It further aims at enhancing the argumentative and research talents of students through mooting. This would make the students future ready

The society annually hosts the prestigious “Jus amicus National Moot Court competition”. This event held in the first week of April attracts students from all across the country. The management graciously awards the prize winners of this event with attractive cash prizes and certificates of merit.   Apart from this, the society hosts intra collegiate moot court competition (ICMC) to nurture mooting talent in the college. We the moot society of Saveetha School of Law organized Three Intra Moot Court Competitions since 2014 to till date. This time around, the society plans to additionally host an “All First year Moot court competition”. The event aims to induce mooting consciousness among the fresher’s who are the future of our institution.