1. Objective of the internship

v  To learn the drafting, listening, interviewing technique, communication, legal research, and debate, sense of humor and stress management skills from the experienced Advocates, Law officers.

v  To improve the above mentioned skills.  

v  To acquire the practical knowledge.

v  To know the management procedures of law firms and offices.

2. Duration and field of Internship

Each registered student shall have completed minimum of 20 weeks in the Five Year Course stream during the entire period of legal studies under NGO, Trial and Appellate Advocates, Judiciary, Legal Regulatory authorities, Legislatures and Parliament, Other Legal Functionaries, Market Institutions, Law Firms, Companies, Local Self Government and other such bodies where law is practiced either in action or in dispute resolution or in management.

3. These are the rules the students strictly to be adhered

·         At the end of every week, a report should be submitted with the corresponding faculty guide (through mail only).  

·         The weekend report should include where the students started their internship and should state whether it is a firm, institution or court along with the work you have done or observed. 

·         The mail correspondence will be considered as one of the most important criteria for awarding marks.

·         At the end of the internship duration a detailed report (Type written) over the internship should be submitted with the corresponding faculty.

·         An internship certificate should be submitted with the detailed report and it should be authenticated by the authority of the concerned institutions, firms or offices.

·         After the submission of the report, a viva will be conducted by the Internship Committee.

 4. Dress Code

Students placed under internship shall have formal dress of legal professional in pupilage as follows:

(For all) White/Black trouser, white shirt, black tie, black coat, black shoe and black socks. When students have problem of getting the entire formal dress for any reason, they have to have a white trouser, full sleeve shirt to be tucked in and covered shoe.

(Optional for Girl students) Black printed sharee, with white full sleeve blouse and covered black shoe or Lawyer’s Suit with black covered shoe. The Organization or Advocate under whom the internee is placed is required to follow suitable dress code.

5. Evaluation

·         The Internship Committee will appoint the Faculty Guides to guide and supervise the students. The committee will constitute panelists to value the Internship.

·           40 marks will be provided for internship (4 weeks in an Academic Year).

While awarding marks the following aspects will be considered as the important criteria:

Ø  Mail records regarding the Weekend report and summary

Ø  Authenticated certificate given by the firm or law office or concerned institution

Ø  The actual work observed/attended by the student

Ø  Final report of the internship

Ø  Viva-voice