Notice to Parents and Students of SSL

February 3, 2018 Update: 

College reopens on Monday February 5. Students are requested to bring the following documents to complete the sign up process and update their records. 

  1. Original College ID
  2. Students Aadhar Card
  3. Copy of any one parent Aadhar Card
  4. Duly Signed Declaration form (Original only, copies will not be accepted. Bring a new original if already submitted hard copy).
  5.  2 pass port size  Photos. Also soft copy of the same. 
  6. Dress Code: 
    1. Men: Clean uniform with black shoes, Tucked shirt, no jewellery. Short trimmed hair. Clean shaved. 
    2. Women: Clean uniform with black shoes, Braided hair. No leggings allowed.

Students who do not bring the required documents, follow the dress code, will be requested to follow all the rules of the institution before entering the campus. Kindly come prepared to ensure a smooth signup process. Hostel students contact your respective wardens.

January 25, 2018 Update: 

Based on the overwhelming support given by parents and students, the management of Saveetha school of law is happy to inform that the law classes will be tentatively commencing from 05.02.2018. Those students whose parents have already given undertaking and those parents who are giving the  undertaking are informed that their wards would be allowed to attend the college. The management has taken the above decision in the larger interest of the students and without prejudice to the contention of the institution in the pending legal proceedings. The management once again appeals to the parents, in the larger interest of their wards to give the undertaking so that the wards would be allowed to attend the classes.

January 13, 2018 Update: 

Advanced Pongal wish to all our students and parents! Even after the dawn of the new year, the unrest among students appears to persist because students organised meetings, urged peers not to cooperate with the institution. In a meeting organized on January 9th 2018, more than 100 students have announced to organize and participate more protests. This has unnecessarily precipitated the situation. Unfortunately such an approach does not help us reach any amicable resolution. In the interest of the future of many students who want the college to reopen, we request the protesters again to avoid precipitating the situation by instigating student and parents with false information. The sooner the students agree to stop future protests, the sooner we can open the college.  We request parents and students to click the link,  read the following letter and send the final declaration from to You can use the hardcopy form sent home or the soft copy form posted here on December 10.

December 31, 2017 Update: Yesterday a group of parents and students entered the campus in the premise of recovering luggages from the hostel, instead they forcefully entered the dental and law college lobbies and used extremely vulgar and unparliamentary language at our faculty. These incidents have been documented in our cctv system. We have the video footage(s) of the same. Such behaviour does not suit the decorum of a temple of learning. This also indicates that the situation continues to be volatile making it difficult to restore   normal college functions. We request parents to avoid escalating the situation and sent their representation in the form below. 

December 10, 2017 Update:

Parents Send your Representation: 

All Parents kindly advise your wards to attend classes from Monday december 11 2017 peacefully. If there is student unrest, and it prevents the normal functioning of the college then the college will have to be closed indefinitely until the situations return to normalcy. This may unnecessarily delay exams, council registrations and the progress of all students.  

We are getting numerous mails / phone calls from parents stating that their ward is being threatened by other students to not attend classes. It is important for good students to stand up for their own voices. We cannot let thugs and chronic additionals dictate the educational future of  innocent students. 

If your ward did not voluntarily participate in the protest, then  kindly download this forms and mail to The information will be confidential. 

December 09, 2017 Update:

The real reason Students are protesting to Cameras in Class room.

Clarification regarding fake-news spread by few malicious elements: 

  1. College HeadProfessor Dr. Asha Sundaram is the principal of the institution. She has a rich experience of over 15 years and plenty of peer serving as heads and directors of various law schools all over the country. Her vision for holistic development of her pupils have set us in path to excellence. Our team of 47 faculty have a faculty student ratio of  1:15 which is better than the Bar council's requirement of 1: 20. This shows the managements commitments to investing on human resources to bring excellence in education.
  2. CBCS system was implemented in 2014 onwards and is followed as per the UGC guidelines. According to the UGC, "The choice based credit system provides a ‘cafeteria’ type approach in which the students can take courses of their choice, learn at their own pace, undergo additional courses and acquire more than the required credits, and adopt an interdisciplinary approach to learning." In a CBCS system, there are core (mandatory) and elective (optional) papers. In our Law schools, each paper is for 4 credits (1 credits is approximately 15 hours of didactic learning). Students can pick and choose which subject they want to study, under which faculty and also determine how many subjects to study. A student can take a maximum of 32 credits per semester.  Credits are given for court visits, internships and many other academic related components.  Students who take 8 courses every semester can finish their 55 core papers as early as 4 years. It is advisable to take as many credits as possible in the begining, so that they can save time towards the end. This will give them time to do electives and focus on internships and other requirements as prescribed by the Bar Council of India.  There is no penalty for missing a course, they can take anyone of the many parallel courses that start and end throughout the year. So even if you miss up to 10 exams your course duration may not extend beyond the prescribed 5 years. This is a boon for students.
  3. Research: Every law paper requires an assignment to be done in all colleges around the country. The UGC and Bar council in their joint report on legal education recommend research as an integral part of IA calculation. This was in-practice in our school from 2009. Since the students were submitting plagiarised sub-par assignments, we are asking them to submit for peer-review. We have not demanded  that these papers have to be published. By submitting for peer- review students can get suggestions and correction from top scholars from India and Abroad.  A good lawyers job is to be able to quickly read a case, analyse the facts apply previous case knowledge and help a client. Many lawyers manage dozens of cases every day. Hence doing just 4 case reports 3 months is relatively easy. Plus having a research publications will enhance your career growth, placements, admissions in foreign institutions etc. 
  4. Attendance: Regulation have been in place from the dawn of the institution; no new amendments have been made. This has been in the prospectus for more than 10 years. 
  5. Medical Certificate to compensate for attendance: Many students produce forged/ fake sickness certificate to avoid coming to classes. Furthermore each students can take up to 12 hours of leave in a 4 credit course and not be affected for lack of attendance. If they are absent beyond 12 hours then it is impossible for them to have learned anything relevant to the subject. Nevertheless as previously mentioned, in a CBCS system, there is no penalty for missing a course and  you miss up to 10 exams and still complete  graduate on time. This is also another boon for our students.
  6. Recognition of Degrees: The instiution received approval to start B.Com.BL, BA.Bl and BBA.BL degrees  from the Bar Council of India. We opted to start the BA.BL and BBA.BL courses successively. Subsequently we have been paying annual affiliation fees for both courses till date. Hence both courses are recognized. Both BA.BL and BBA.BL Students have applied to the Bar Council of India and their applications are being processed by the respective State Bar Councils.  The Bar council of Kerala (click to view sample), Bar Council of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry (click to view sample) have both begun processing the registration of the BBA.BL Application from saveetha school of law. 
  7. Attendance: Already discussed (4). 
  8. Daily Notes and Weekly Test are parameters for formative evaluation which is an integral part of a CBCS system. The purpose of this is to help a student who work hard through out the year not be gravely affected by a single mishap on the exam day.  Taking notes during class or in a work meeting is a good habit. Many students currently come to college even without a bag. They have no academic interest. Hence such rules are framed so that they develop these habits as a part of their training. 
  9. OD Grant: OD's are being granted with prior permission. 
  10. Constant Changes:  Course selection was conducted in a grand ceremony at the convention centre where students were thrilled to be able to choose their own course and faculty of choice. Even now majority of the students really like the system. Besides, when there is a scope for improvements, then the institution should take necessary measures until the system reaches perfection. 
  11. Importance to irrelvant internal components: All internal components are designed as per the recommendation of the experts in the board of studies and the academic council filled with well learned scholars who have been in legal education/practice/judgeship for more than 20 years. This is as per the norms of the UGC.  
  12. Academic Calendar: Each course is launched, planned and completed by the course coordinator. They issue the course requirements and deadlines at the time of registration. 
  13. Revaluation Fee is set by the finance committee as per the norms of the UGC. It should be noted that less than 0.005% of the papers were eligible for reevaluation. This does not affect most of the students. We shall put for your request to the finance committee for the next academic year. 
  14. Exam fees : Once a students is eligible he / she should pay the exam fees. Eligibility has to be attained by the students from the course coordinator before paying the fees.  Merely paying exam fees without completing course requirements does not make the student eligible to sit for the exam.  This is also mentioned in the UGC guidelines.
  15. Students are cornered: Vague representation without specifics cannot be addressed with clarity.
  16. Saturday working day: All constituent colleges of the university work on Saturday. As per Barc Council of India Regulations, a honours course should not have less than 36 working hours per week. Since college functions for 6 hours everyday, we need to be opened for 6 days to meet this criteria.  A young mind needs to be trained with good work ethic to improve lifelong productivity. 
  17. Camera inside classroom: The Bar Council of India recommends to have cameras in all class rooms. 
  18. College Timings: Institution works from 8 am to 3 pm. The timings have not changed from the date of inception of all institutions. 
  19. Suspension order: There was no order passed, only a warning was given to ask the students to return to class. Which many good students followed. 

Hence, it is clear that none of the points raised by the protestors carry any merit. For further clarifications we invite you to Parents - Teacher meeting to be held on Tuesday December 12.